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leg razor leg shaver long handle
back razor back shaver long handle
back razor leg razor back shaver leg shaver long handle
back razor leg razor back shaver leg shaver long handle

“I just used your razor today!! WOW!!!!!!! I've been looking for something like this for some time now. I'm sooooo happy that I kept searching and found you guys! This product is wonderful.....Thank you for coming up with such a wonderful product. My next step is to buy another with more blade cartridges.....”



16 INCH REACH - Only 8 3/4 inches in length when folded




  • EASY LOCKING FOLDABLE HANDLE for easy storage and travel

  • LONGER NECK & SPECIALLY ANGLED HEAD for even contact with skin

  • UNIQUE NON-SLIP RUBBER GRIP for better control and maneuverability

  • PIVOTING HEAD adjusts to the contours of your body


  • FLEXING TRIPLE BLADES aligned with precision to shave close with one stroke

  • ALOE & VITAMIN E LUBRICATION STRIP reduces razor drag and skin irritation

“I just had to write & tell you what a great product the extended razor is. I can't believe it's patent pending! I've had a couple versions of the one that you put your own razor on, and they sucked. I love the fact that this one locks and is so sturdy. My arthritis necessitates my needing a reaching tool, and this is perfect. My hairy legs thank you!!”

              Milwaukee, WI

The EVOLVE Body Razor gives you the freedom to shave anywhere on your body with one razor!


The EVOLVE Body Razor handle is long enough to reach all areas of your body yet small enough to fit into your toiletry bag when folded. Great for everyday use even while on travel.

Use as a back shaver, leg shaver, or face shaver.

Perfect for all athletes such as:

  • Bodybuilders

  • Swimmers

  • Cyclists

Also great for anyone with limited mobility due to:

  • Surgery

  • Pregnancy

  • Injury

  • Size

  • Age


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